The relationships you develop during your college years can last a lifetime. There is a special bond that students of the same university have. The Denver MBA program has one of the best alumni networks out there. Utilizing the power of this network can provide you with a variety of benefits and here are some of them.

Receiving the Mentoring Needed for Success
One of the best ways to get the guidance needed throughout your MBA journey is by finding a mentor. The advice a mentor can supply will allow you to avoid common mistakes that may throw you off course. The Daniels Alumni Mentoring program has a variety of alumni who are more than willing to help a young student in their pursuit of excellence. With the right mentor, you will be able to get the help needed to be successful in the world of business.

Learn From Titans of Industry
For most of the alumni of The Denver MBA, being able to share the knowledge they have gained in the world of business is important. Often times, members of the alumni will want to give speeches to educate the younger generation of business professionals. Listening to and applying the information gained from these types of speeches and educational workshops will help you greatly.

The Corporate Connection
If you are in The Denver MBA program and looking for a company to intern with, the power of alumni networking can help you greatly. Over the years, students in The Denver MBA program have interned with companies like Dish Network and Coca-Cola. Pretty impressive. Getting access to great corporate internships and jobs can be made easy when choosing to use alumni networking.

Hitting the Ground Running With a Startup
Did you know that Forbes has ranked Denver #2 for the best place to launch a startup? You can imagine that living with vast business opportunities right in our own backyard is a driving force for many MBA students to start their own companies. When getting a startup off of the ground, both what you know, and who you know are key. You’ll also need lots of determination, passion, courage and coffee, but we’ll dig more into this another time. Utilizing your alumni connections opens the door to a wide range of resources. The members of alumni networks are usually all too willing to help a student from their alma mater succeed. Most people take great pride in seeing members of their alumni achieve great things and will do all they can to help them along the way.

Performing Market Research
Before you get in too deep with a startup venture, you will need to perform some market research to ensure the juice is worth the squeeze. Connecting with members of your alumni network who are in similar industries can provide you with a variety of helpful information. Finding out the ins-and-outs of a particular industry before setting up shop can help you avoid making big, and sometimes costly, business mistakes.

Denver is consistently ranked by Forbes and Kiplinger’s as one of the top cities for young professionals and recent college graduates. The Denver MBA has received a “Best in the West” rating in Princeton Review and named one of the nation’s 15 most innovative MBA programs by Inc. magazine. Joining this prestigious network will provide you with many opportunities in the world of business.