Do you have a great idea for a new business? If you are like many of the other startup companies in Colorado, you will need a little guidance to flush out the ideas that you have. The Denver MBA offers a unique education to our students, allowing them to think on their feet and tackle any challenges they may face head on. One of the best ways for you to get help with your startup is by finding a company that acts as an incubator or accelerator for businesses who are still in their infancy. Find out more about the startup incubators and accelerators in the Denver area by reading below.


Commons on Champa

A hub for entrepreneurs of all stages, the Commons on Champa is a public campus for all innovators. They have a variety of programs including mentorship, service for military veterans and seminars. With hi-tech amenities, including free wi-fi, over 200,000 sq ft, 3 community rooms, lounge and 200 person event space, you can accomplish whatever is needed, free of charge. Comcast, a Daniels College of Business corporate partner, dedicated the technology to Commons in order for students and non-students to grow and network. Commons is also a favorite of the University of Denver’s Project X-ITE. With help from executive director, Erik Mitisek, a DU alumni and local entrepreneur, students have the opportunity to discuss and explore innovation. Commons on Champa has hosted many pitch events, design think sessions, brainstorming meetings and even our MBA Activation Challenge.


Galvanize is located in Denver and Boulder. This company fuses co-working spaces with seed stage venture capital. They offer a bevy of high-tech courses that are designed to jumpstart the careers of the young business men and women who use these spaces. If you are a budding technology entrepreneur that needs a bit of guidance from reputable professionals in the industry, then Galvanize is certainly the place for you. The price for a spot in the programs offered by Galvanize range from $299 a month to $499 a month depending on the level of involvement you are seeking.


Many studies show that startups that are founded by women have better returns. The MergeLane incubator located in Boulder focuses on women with great startup ideas. Most of the learning courses offered by this company have to be taken onsite. They host a 12-week program that includes a mentorship for young female entrepreneurs. If you are a woman looking to even the startup playing field in the Denver area, then you can’t afford to pass up the courses offered by MergeLane.


Do you have a tech or media startup company? If you are looking for some top-notch help trying to get this business launched, Boomtown in Boulder may be the right fit for you. Each of the classes held by this company are remote, which means that you will not have to worry about traveling too far. If you are a lover of all thing tech startup, then the 12-week program offered by Boomtown is a great investment for you. By submitting an application regarding the nature of your business, you may be eligible for a $20,000 investment for a 6% stake in your business.

Common spaces like these are available for all entrepreneurs in Denver’s thriving hub for startups and they allow entrepreneurs to connect and be successful.  Looking for a deep dive into business and fundamentals? Check out The Denver MBA, where teams of students participate in The Enterprise Challenge to create a business plan in a start-up atmosphere, culminating into a final pitch to investors. Find out more.