The Denver MBA has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of a handful of programs that has significantly increased real-time experiential learning opportunities, providing students with the tools they need to excel in complicated, real-world business situations. This shift away from the traditional case-study method has become a growing trend among business schools looking to better prepare their students to enter the job market. “The majority of leading programs are using experiential (projects). Employers want it, and it speaks to a more global and diverse student population better than a 1972 Harvard Business School case” noted Jeff Bieganek, executive director of the MBA Roundtable in his comments to the Wall Street Journal.

The Denver MBA has been at the forefront wall street journal
of this new model of business education with a challenge-driven curriculum that significantly enhances students’ exposure to actual business problems and improves their ability to make difficult decisions under real-world pressure. It’s a core component of what’s known as the Daniels Difference, a model designed in direct response to employers looking for market-ready graduates with more of the skills and proven performance necessary to come in and make an immediate impact for their organization.  Not only are the students able to rapidly build their skillset in a more engaging, dynamic environment, they also have the opportunity to connect with local businesses and build relationships that could have never been established inside of a classroom.


As noted in the Wall Street Journal’s article “Business Schools Tackle ‘Messy’ Real-Time Corporate Issues”, companies are now looking to business students to handle difficult problems, providing a fresh, new perspective and delivering strategies and recommendations that can not only enhance the learning opportunity for the students, but also provide real business results. Daniels was cited as one of the colleges on the cutting edge of this exciting new model and the college continues to push this innovation forward, generating enhanced partnerships with corporations and exciting new opportunities to develop students into long-term business leaders.