Adeeb Khan is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at TIAA-CREF. He defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by “how a company strategically integrates beneficial social, environmental and economic outcomes within its overall business operations.” He credits his Daniels MBA for helping him stand out in the job market.


“One of the opportunities that Daniels offered was the ability to create a customized concentration. I was able to craft my own concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility. This was definitely a differentiator as I went through the interview process with TIAA. The concentration coupled with Daniels’s reputation for teaching the ethical components of business management have been especially valuable during my first year [after graduating].”

Khan came to Daniels as a nonprofit professional, a background that gave him and his classmates a unique perspective on their business education. “It was enlightening to work with a group of colleagues who had not been exposed to the nonprofit world, and the insights they delivered.”

Though Khan had experience before entering the MBA program, he values the relationships he formed at Daniels and credits the program for fostering a community of intelligent, driven individuals. “I know that quite a few members of my cohort were able to land jobs as a result of the relationships they developed. I would say that the quality of the individuals who attended the program was maybe the most valuable aspect of the program,” he says.

The hands on, real-life learning experiences were what stood out to Khan during his time at Daniels. The MBA centers around continuous field work and encourages students to collaborate. “I enjoyed the opportunity to engage in several different real-world problems, receiving honest feedback directly from local business leaders,” says Khan, who also gained perspective during his international experience.

Khan worked full-time and supported a growing family while taking classes in the evenings for his MBA. He admits the experience was more unique than his undergraduate years, but values the different approach he was able to take.

“I found that I had a much greater thirst for formal education than I did during my younger years. Being a little older and wiser, I definitely was able to retain more of the content and add to a world view rather than building one from the ground up. The content of the class discussions was also much more informative because we all had real-world experiences to share rather than just youthful, idealistic theoretical perspectives,” notes Kahn.

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