Burning the midnight oil is something that most business professionals have become accustomed to, though the initial adjustment to working odd hours does take some getting used to. Are you wondering how many professionals stay productive even when it is dark out? Or are you looking for tips to increase your productivity away from that nine-to-five? Either way, we’ve got the advice you seek–read on to find out more.

working at night

Pump Some Iron Before Work

Before getting started on your nighttime work, you need to let your inner Arnold Schwarzenegger out. Envision Arnold or even Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live in front of your desk telling you that they want to pump….you up! Taking some time out of your work day or night to exercise is a great way to get a boost of natural energy. Not only will this help you stay awake longer, it will allow you to get in better shape as well. You don’t have to run out and buy a new home gym setup to get your workout going. Jogging around the neighborhood or doing some jumping jacks and squats will get the job done.

Turn Off the Television

Among the biggest mistakes that you can make when trying to work efficiently at night is leaving the television on. Sure, we love watching the budding entrepreneurs on Shark Tank! And who doesn’t like the drama of The Bachelor?  But when trying to work, these types of distractions can wreak havoc on your productivity. Turning off the television will allow you to stay productive and will minimize the noise level you have to deal with.

Stay Hydrated During Your Nighttime Work Session

Most people think that drinking copious amounts of caffeine is the best way to stay awake when burning the midnight oil. While caffeine can be helpful during the day, at night caffeine will often make you jittery and cause you to lose focus. Rather than crashing after the caffeine wears off, drink plain ol’ water or even hot water with lemon to stay alert.

Back Away From Your Cellphone

Social media is a very important part of life in the 21st century. While scrolling through your feeds, chatting your friends or taking quizzes that tell you what your spirit animal is can be fun, it can also be a big distraction when trying to get work done. Putting your phone on silent is the only way you will be able to get work done in an efficient manner.

Stand Up!

There have been a number of studies that show that sitting on the job all day can be just as harmful to the body as smoking. Not only will standing up while working help to curb these negative health problems, it will also allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. Buying a stand-up desk is a great investment due to the benefits it can offer. Not ready to commit to a standing desk yet? Taking a break and walking around for five minutes every hour has proven to be another effective way to bolster your focus while working.

The time change can have a major effect on how we work and how productive we can be. Using these tips, you can make sure to stay on top of your workload and avoid falling deep into the winter blues. Being a student lends itself to long hours of studying, but the successful business people of the world are still keeping to this taxing schedule. An education that mirrors the real world, the Denver MBA, gives students realistic learning experiences to make them market ready. The challenge-based education provided by the Denver MBA is the perfect stepping stone into owning, running or growing your own business.