Tyler Beins is the Manager of Strategic Sourcing at Janus Capital Group. In this capacity, he manages all procurement, sourcing, and vendor management activities throughout the firm. His team negotiates business deals, monitors vendor performance, and sources alternatives when necessary.


Daniels’ International MBA (IMBA) program led him to his current job because “local businesses see the education we all received in action from the very beginning of our employment. This is a huge asset and a competitive advantage when getting into the job market as a book cannot teach you everything you need to know to be successful in business,” he says.

Daniels’ hands-on experience gave Beins an advantage when he started his career because of his demonstrable skills, but his classmates also played a vital role. “Some of the best relationships I made during my time at Daniels were definitely through my IMBA program. We have maintained a strong professional network when it came to assisting each other in the job hunt. I was given some leads on new jobs that some of my former classmates thought would be a good fit and I have provided them with introductions as well.”

While at Daniels, Beins took classes that engaged him and proved useful in helping him towards his goals. He notes, “One of the best courses I took while at Daniels was Roy Becker’s Managing Exports. This was probably the best class to fully understand what types of jobs were out there for an international business professional. He provided us with not only the information about what each job or sector was about but also key contacts that might lead to potential employers.”

On top of providing thorough information and contacts for an international business career path, Roy Becker offered his students business case scenarios that challenged students to solve real-world problems. “Roy brought in a handful of different companies that had provided him with some business problems they were currently working through and we were tasked with a consultant role to help provide a solution to those problems and present our findings to those companies. The range of the business cases varied so the type of work was different for each group. It was definitely a great hands-on experience to see what actual problems came up for small businesses in the international space,” Beins says.

Through the IMBA program, Beins was also able to experience a study abroad trip to Croatia in 2009. He took the skills he had learned at Daniels and was challenged with translating them into a successful outcome, all while adjusting to a new context and country. “It was an unforgettable experience that my former classmates and I still retell stories about today.”

Beins’ choice to earn his IMBA at Daniels turned out to make all the difference. “I think Daniels has a strong reputation throughout the Denver community and having that specific degree has been, at the very least, a great conversation starter with a lot of folks. A few of my classes also looped me in directly with some local smaller companies when I was originally looking at international business services as a primary career.”